Saturday, May 14, 2011

Korean-esque Burgers

So last night I tried a recipe for Korean Barbecue Beef Burgers.
In the pre-testing for my surgery they found I was anemic. This was not the first time I'd heard this; my family Doc also brought it up after getting our CBC testing for the adoption. But, I guess I kindof ignored it or thought it was a lab error. Well this time I took it a little more seriously as it certainly explained the fatigue, splitting nails, etc. After getting stamped with this diagnosis, I have been trying to work a little lean beef into my diet, in addition to lentils, greens, strawberries and iron supplements every other day. Anyway I digress, back to the burger. The recipe was from Cooking Light, usually a trusted source for me. It contained all the components for what I thought would be an amazing, sweet, salty gingery garlicky Korean-esque burger; soy sauce, ginger, garlic, brown sugar, green onion..along with good quality ground sirloin. It was topped with red leaf lettuce and thinly sliced radish. Sounds delish right! And it got all these outstanding reviews. If a recipe sounds good to me AND gets great reviews, that's usually a winner. Well, while it was pretty tasty, it didn't knock me out but I thought that it could and had potential to. I am going to give it another run next week making the following tweaks: sauce. this burger needs a sauce. preferrably a sweet but spicey concoction..and kimchi instead of lettuce. Hey why not grated carrot and cucumber & fried egg too? Maybe leave the garlic, ginger & green onion in the burger mixture, but then bathe the whole thing in sauce after? I don't know, I'll keep you posted with the results but feel free to give it a try with your own tweaks and let me know how it turns out!

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Hunter and Michael said...

The fried egg maybe an amazing edition to it. Thanks for posting. I will have to try it out.