Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's Really Real

On March 31st I got the email we've been waiting for - our HOME STUDY WAS SENT TO KOREA. Press the start button on the giant clock, we are officially waiting for a referral for a baby girl!! In the Korean adoption community, this is known as being HSTK (you guessed it,' home study to korea'). The date that you are HSTK is the date that you can officially start counting.
It is AMAAAAZING what this one little acronym, 4 little letters - has done for me. Suddenly it feels, real. Our paperwork is sitting in Seoul, South Korea, as we speak. I can allow my brain to now think of the tiny baby that may have recently been born, or is about to be.
We still have a VERY long road of waiting ahead of us; 6-9 months to receive her referral and 9-12 until we travel to get her. BUT I have an idea now, of when things will happen...it's not an vague open ended block of time where everyday you are just wondering when? who knows? We KNOW now, that sometime between September and November we will get her picture, and that sometime between December and February we will bring her home! She will be around 9 months old, give or take. It will be winter. These are things I now know!


Amy and Corey said...

You can go buy winter clothes for a little 9 month old girl now!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!! Your baby is on the way!!

Brent, Buffy and Cameron DeWitt said...

Oh yay! So happy for you!

Christy said...

Hurray for HSTK!