Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Land of the Living

Well, I survived my thyroid surgery and am slowly rejoining the land of the living. I still have quite a bit of ouchies at the incision (a lovely 3 inch slash on my neck) and swallowing and talking is still uncomfortable, but I am over the worst and turning the corner. I had it done last Tuesday the 15th (a day that will permanently be etched in my memory, the day we got Bek's referral information!). They removed the nodule and the entire thyroid gland, which was apparently quite enlarged and did not seem to want to leave my body, but the good doctor got it after 4 hours of surgery. After a few days of being in a daze on a pain killer bender - dilaudin, morphine, percocet - I had a strange little sadness about it being gone. Not that I would miss the pain it was causing me, but that a part of my body that had always been with me was now gone! I mean I'm not saying I lost sleep over this or had a grieving ceremony, just a strange little tinge that something that once was no longer is. I had the same little poke of sadness when I had my fallopian tubes removed. 
I don't really like doctors and try to avoid them as much as possible, but having something like this done makes you appreciative of our medical advances and technology. That they can safely remove consciousness and pain for that amount of time, cut you open, take something out, sew you back up and send you home the next day with a plastic mug and some ugly brown slipper socks to pretty amazing. 
Also amazing is the kindness of people! Brad pretty much took on all my regular duties of shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundry, Bek administering, of course on top of his regular job. He and Bek took complete care of only wish was that I wasn't in so much pain that I could enjoy it more! Family and friends came out in force to help get Bek to/from school, bring food, flowers, cards and support. It was really heart warming and I was, AM, so so thankful. 
BUT I am glad it is behind me so that I can get back to our regularly scheduled programming...and by that I mean enduring this God Forsaken Wait!! It did take my mind off of it for a bit know, for like 5 days at least. 
Here's my current thoughts on how things will go down:
HSTK (home study to Korea) by end of April at the latest. This milestone is crucial because it starts the real, official Wait for Referral clock. It could go sooner but I'm being conservative so as to not be crushed if it takes longer. Matched/Referral between October and January of this year. Travel to Seoul to get baby Eva between January-February of next year
This of course is just my own projection; the agency can tell you nothing so it's all just one big crap shoot anyway. The holidays could mess things up too. 
At this point I'm consoling myself by saying we are MORE THAN half way there. We have MORE THAN the wait behind us than ahead of us. In LESS THAN one year we will have our baby girl that we have waited years (and years) for. 

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