Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Baby Steps

It's been a while! I've been a bit disengaged, disenchanted, discombobulated.
I really thought that when we submitted our home study it would then go to Korea and we'd be on our way to Waiting. You know, as in The REAL Wait, the 4-6 months until we saw her sweet face then the 3-4 months after that for travel! I wasn't prepared for this whole pre-Waiting thing, or a wait to start waiting as it were. Ok, I'm even annoying myself with my over use of that word.
But then to find out that we're on a waiting list for our home study to even go to Korea, it took the wind outta my sails a bit. I guess part of my discontent was that I was just wishing the paperwork were sitting way over there, in Seoul, instead of on a desk in Troy, Michigan. For some reason having it sit there for an additional few months is more acceptable for my brain. Which I realize doesn't really make sense.
So after I wallowed in my deflated dejected-ness for a while, I came to see it's really not that big of a deal. They really have no idea how long we'll be on this waiting list, it's anyone's guess, but she estimates 1-3 months. Really in the big picture what's another couple months?? I'm just telling myself it is now going to be 6-9 months for our referral. This actually works out great for travel since it will fall right in spring/summer so Bek will be out of school. And of course these are all estimates, could go longer (or shorter) and if it does you just roll with it. It's a comforting thought that even if things go on the long end, we'll have her around this time next year! Hopefully anyway, nothing is definite in this crazy world of International Adoption.
For now, I remind myself how far we've come. How just a few posts back I was agonizing and whining about paperwork and wanting to be done! Now, here we are, done. Our home study has been submitted to our agency and it sits there, as a representation of us, in a waiting list pile. Our application for our country change from Russia to Korea for Immigration has been completed and submitted. They are all tiny baby steps that take us that much closer.