Monday, September 27, 2010

The Room, Continued

I think I have a plan.
I tried to make the orange work, I really did. And I like it, but it's just too much of it, I should've used it as an accent color. Also had it been for a boy like the original plan it would've worked a little better with green, brown & blue. But a whole room of this orange. Who knows what kind of long term damage it could've caused her? Thankfully we'll never have to know because husband kindly agreed to re-paint it. "for you? ok." he says. And yes this sweet submission to my decorating whims has since turned a little sour as he's groaning about the prospect of having to do it all over and how great his edging was...but it's mostly in good humor (for me anyway). He also is not a fan of the color of circus peanuts.
My mom and my dear friend Laura have both agreed to make the bedding. We've all concurred, how hard could it be? The bumper is nothing but a rectangular piece of fabric covered batting. Stitch some cute ribbon ties and there you have it. The paint is called Aegean blue from the Martha Stewart line and is the prettiest pale robin's egg blue. The fabric has the same blue tones along with red and pink.
the paint:


coordinating fabric:

more fabric-window treatment, pillows, who knows?

I love the fabric and it is even on sale. I should be able to get enough fabric for the bumper, crib skirt and window treatments for $50, score!! I mean, what they are charging for the hideous things that are out there is just wrong. It's cotton. Granted there are beauuuutiful lines from small boutique stores that I fell in love with..but really? Is it morally right to charge someone $950, for something which is also just cotton?? I can justify paying a little more for the design integrity and to support smaller companies, quality material, etc. But this whole baby thing is big business and they know moms to be go into this crazy obsessive nesting zone and they just capitalize on it!!
Ahem, anyway. I'm feeling much better now that I have a plan of some sort. And I know you've all been on the edge of your seat with this whole room thing. Stay tuned to see the transformation! And if it all works out I may just start my own line of affordable, modern baby bedding!
In actual baby news, there is not much to report. Our paperwork will likely get submitted to Korea this week, so that is at least exciting! I'll know for sure mid-end of week if it went.


Brent, Buffy and Cameron DeWitt said...

rYippy! Looks like a very soothing room.

Amy and Corey said...

This is going to be a beautiful room! And while I did love the orange, I agree that soft blue is much more soothing and versatile. Can't wait to see the finished product!!

Masha said...

I found your blog through another adoption one and can relate on the ordeal of trying to put together a room that isn't the traditional everything-you-need-and-stuff-you-don't out of a box style. The fabrics and colors are great. I did a bright apple green with hot pink and splashes of orange and yellow for a modern Russian woodland theme. :) Best of luck with the journey!