Monday, September 27, 2010

The Room, Continued

I think I have a plan.
I tried to make the orange work, I really did. And I like it, but it's just too much of it, I should've used it as an accent color. Also had it been for a boy like the original plan it would've worked a little better with green, brown & blue. But a whole room of this orange. Who knows what kind of long term damage it could've caused her? Thankfully we'll never have to know because husband kindly agreed to re-paint it. "for you? ok." he says. And yes this sweet submission to my decorating whims has since turned a little sour as he's groaning about the prospect of having to do it all over and how great his edging was...but it's mostly in good humor (for me anyway). He also is not a fan of the color of circus peanuts.
My mom and my dear friend Laura have both agreed to make the bedding. We've all concurred, how hard could it be? The bumper is nothing but a rectangular piece of fabric covered batting. Stitch some cute ribbon ties and there you have it. The paint is called Aegean blue from the Martha Stewart line and is the prettiest pale robin's egg blue. The fabric has the same blue tones along with red and pink.
the paint:


coordinating fabric:

more fabric-window treatment, pillows, who knows?

I love the fabric and it is even on sale. I should be able to get enough fabric for the bumper, crib skirt and window treatments for $50, score!! I mean, what they are charging for the hideous things that are out there is just wrong. It's cotton. Granted there are beauuuutiful lines from small boutique stores that I fell in love with..but really? Is it morally right to charge someone $950, for something which is also just cotton?? I can justify paying a little more for the design integrity and to support smaller companies, quality material, etc. But this whole baby thing is big business and they know moms to be go into this crazy obsessive nesting zone and they just capitalize on it!!
Ahem, anyway. I'm feeling much better now that I have a plan of some sort. And I know you've all been on the edge of your seat with this whole room thing. Stay tuned to see the transformation! And if it all works out I may just start my own line of affordable, modern baby bedding!
In actual baby news, there is not much to report. Our paperwork will likely get submitted to Korea this week, so that is at least exciting! I'll know for sure mid-end of week if it went.

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Room

I have been combing the internet and stores for crib bedding like a detective searching for a hidden clue. I know it must be out there, I'm just not looking in the right places! I have come to the conclusion that I don't care for most of what is out there...Well, what is out there in my budget I should say. As usual I have import taste on a domestic budget! I also don't care for the overly girly pinky ruffly sparkly matchy stuff. When she is older and possibly developing that magnetic like draw to all things pink, I will be happy to indulge her. But in the meantime, when this room is just as much for me as for her, I'd like to keep it calm but bright, happy, with clean lines, modern. And I'm not opposed to pink and actually like it, when paired with other non pink like colors. Why is this so hard to find? I stood at Babies R Us yesterday, staring up at a warehouse sized wall lined with nothing but complete bedding sets. Surely there must be something here, in this store with the name that specializes in all things Baby. I pictured a group of designers together trying to figure out what to do for the new line...scratching their heads they decided to just toss a bunch of princesses, butterflies and pink fabric into a blender then threw it all out and called it bedding. Sigh.
I have a dear friend who can sew, so I may resort to having some stuff made, or, just get simple solid colors.
Here are some rooms that I love from a great design site called simplified bee:

I love the pink and teal and would like to incorporate some orange into that. i know. when i've told people we've painted the room orange they mostly just say "oohh. orange?". But i love it and it's happy and bright. i also like this one from the always fabulous martha stewart:

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Grown Not Under My Heart But In It

I have felt the first swell of my heart, of what it’s like to have more than one child’s well- being on your mind. And it really is as they say, that your heart just grows to accommodate the new one; a limitless mass of love lodged in your chest, capable of infinite amounts of devotion, wonder, anxiety, pride and the countless other emotions associated with motherhood.
Bek is home from school today. He is suffering from late summer allergies, which as usual has triggered a chronic asthma wheeze and cough. I was up all night doing every other hour breathing treatments with the nebulizer. It is the first hint I’ve had at having two, of them both in my heart and mind, worried about them both at the same time; and seamlessly and transparently my brain began to switch gears, without my really noticing. It’s fascinating really.
The new one, who is still She Who Cannot Be Named, has begun to take shape in my heart. She grows there each day. In a dream the other night, I was suspended in shimmering grey liquid, and she was there with me, or rather I was there with her as I imagine this was her turf. She was nuzzled next to me, curled into a tiny fetal position, barely mammalian (and strangely slightly amphibious?), with a translucent nub of a thumb stuck into her heart shaped mouth. We bobbed and floated together in slow motion, the fish tank bubbling and oceanic uterine swooshes the only sounds around us. She was afraid; and I told her it’s ok, it might be a little bit scary and sad, but only for a little bit. We’d get there as soon as we could. It’s ok, it’ll be ok, I told her. Through some sort of telepathic communication she told me she understood and was comforted. From that point on, we simply floated together, in what was the most peaceful, happy, quiet, watery void I’ve ever experienced.
Lety, my friend who I work with, told me in her thick Spanish accent, that maybe this meant she was born, or about to be. The timing would be about right. Perhaps it just signifies the birth of her in my heart.
Not flesh of my flesh,
Nor bone of my bone,
but still miraculously my own.
Never forget for a single minute;
You didn't grow under my heart
but in it.
- Fleur Conkling Heylinger