Monday, August 2, 2010

Fingerprints and Fat

Friday we had our FBI/BCI (the BCI is Bureau of Criminal Investigation, not Body Condition Index thank goodness) background checks. This included another set of fingerprints! Dear God, how many times can one couple be fingerprinted for the adoption of a child! If I put them all together, going back to the pre-Bek paperwork days, I've been fingerprinted 7 times!! Who knew the tiny cooking-worn ridges on my fingerprints held so much information.
I don't care though, it's one more thing to cross off the list. At this point they could advise me to have my toe-prints done, while wearing a top hat and leopard print jacket, and I'd do it. Whatever, just get 'er done so we can go get this baby and move on already!!
Today I have my physical. It's another redo for the Homestudy...but I have a form that is for the Korea end of things that needs to be filled out too. They will take my weight and calculate my BMI, as anyone with a BMI over 30 is not eligible to adopt from Korea. I'm pretty sure I'm ok and according to the charts I've seen online I'm in the "normal" range, but I could be on the cusp of being overweight. I've always had a few extra pounds. What can I say, I like real butter, carbs of any sort, ethnic foods, and pretty much anything cooked with love. I like to call it pleasantly plump, however I'm worried Korea won't see it the same way. Which really doesn't make sense..the Koreans love their food, you'd think they see this as a positive character trait??
*Sigh*....Cross your fingers for me that I pass the BMI part. How pathetic sad and terrible would it be to not be able to go to Korea to get our baby because I've eaten one (or two) too many tomato confit pizzas covered in french goat cheese and fried shallots...

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