Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Just When I Thought It Was Safe...

...To put down my pen, pencil and organizational folders....
I have found out we have to do a Homestudy Update. I've known this for some time actually, I just didn't know what it meant. I THOUGHT it meant our social worker would open up an electronic copy of our last homestudy, do a FIND on the word RUSSIA, and then do a REPLACE on the word KOREA. She'd hit Save and Print. She's assemble all other paperwork we did for our homestudy. Then we'd pay a few hundred bucks and submit it to the fine people of Seoul. I'd be free of paper cuts and blistered fingers and we'd sail off into the sunset with our new baby.
Sadly, as you might have guessed, this is not what a Homestudy Update means. It means much much more.
This will be my FOURTH round of adoption paperwork. And I know most of you already know what I'm about to say but I'll just say it anyway, We only have ONE CHILD!!! Four rounds of paperwork, one child. GAWD I could just lay on the floor and kick and scream and have a full blown tantrum right now.
I guess I should explain. And maybe if I type it all out like this it will help me too. So, our homestudy, which is a portfolio about us of sorts, containing everything from criminal background checks, FBI fingerprints, medical reports, psychological assessments, water and fire inspections of our home, employment letters, personal references, CPR certifications, financial statements and oh let's not forget BMV driving records, because apparently you need to be a good driver to be a good parent. Although regular procreating folks don't need to prove that. But where was I? Our homestudy, which is required for ALL adoptions whether Russia, Korea or even domestic, was written for Russia in 2009. It's technically good, for Russia, in Ohio for two years. Korea wants the homestudy to be a year or less old. As did Russia and I think probably most countries. Why say it's good for two years if it's really not? Oh I don't know, I suppose it's like that goat cheese I just bought that says it's good until August, when clearly by the smell of it it's not. SO...that whole list of things I mentioned up there, has to be re-done. We will pay half the cost of a full homestudy, in addition to repaying whatever the fee is for said items. For instance, FBI background check and fingerprints? $180. Already paid it once, even though we didn't use 'em, and now have to pay it again. Because like that goat cheese in the back of my fridge drawer I also wasted my money on, it's EXPIRED.
I will take deep cleansing breaths. I will tell myself this is all part of a sublime intricate grand plan of the universe. There are no accidents and the timing will work out exactly as it should so that the child that is meant to be ours, will be. I will savor the paperwork as part of the process, part of my labor. Ok, savor might not be the right word. But I will at least acknowledge both good and bad as part of the required process. Nothing worth having comes easy. Right. Repeat.
I think I need to cook something before I blow a gasket! Something therapeutic and time consuming. homemade Pierogis... or oh! maybe Julia Child's hand whipped mayonnaise with some fresh sliced tomato and avocado...see, I am feeling better already! I know, I'm an emotional eater and fully aware of that. But that is another post. I'm off to the grocery store and post office to mail off our Child Abuse Registry Reports.


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Criminy! I feel your pain! There's always something new and exciting to do in the wacky world of IA. Here's hoping this update goes flawlessly.