Thursday, May 27, 2010

A New Journey, sort of

In the past week we made the official decision to move forward with Korea. For anyone who's just tuned in; we started the adoption process from Russia over two years ago. We stopped and started, twice. TWO TIMES that I let my heart go wild with planning, preparing, and quite frankly, loving, the child that was to be but never was! Prior to Russia we came very close to going to Kyrgyzstan , Vietnam and China. I even looked into domestic options and our foster to adopt system (disenchanting). It has not been an easy road. I won't got into specifics on why we started and stopped, it's neither important nor interesting. I will say thank you to the Obama administration though; for the extended and increased International Adoption Tax credit/refund that was included in his health care reform. It is basically the reason we are able to do this now!
So, barring any major catastrophes, financial melt downs or improperly aligned planets, we WILL be adopting from Korea!!
The process is SO so different from Russia or Kazakhstan. I'm thinking that from what I've learned so far, Bek and Kazakhstan was our "difficult pregnancy"..and Child #2 from Korea, will be our "easy pregnancy"! There is NO DOSSIER. There is a 3 day trip or escort option and if you travel you stay in modern, affordable digs (what? no cold brown water??)! The overall process is affordable (that word is relative of course), and the babies are young and healthy. I know, right? Seems too good to be true.
For now, we are on a Wait List with our agency. The total process is about 14-16 months, give or take.
You still need clearance from Citizenship/Immigration, that works the same with any country. Our fingerprints that we did for Russia expire on June 3rd, so today I applied for the extension and mailed it off to Homeland Security downtown. It felt good to be doing baby paperwork again.
Stay tuned, I have a feeling this one is going to stick!